Stop Pandemic Patch

Stop Pandemic patch is a new product designed to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and other viral and bacterial infections, as well as cardiac and respiratory health monitoring.

It consists of a device, in the form of a patch on the chest, that sends vital signs through Bluetooth to a mobile phone or gateway and from there to the cloud via a mobile application.

The device detects vital signs and performs a first analysis (pre-alarm) of variables out of range, according to the thresholds set by the doctor.

The 25mm O.D. device is attached to the chest with a biocompatible adhesive. With a 30 day battery life that allows uninterrupted monitoring it also includes Bluetooth 5.0 wireless communication and is waterproof. It measures heart and respiration rate, temperature, blood oxygen, physical activity, anatomical position, cough detection and allows remote monitoring of the lungs and heart using machine learning techniques to detect cardiorespiratory events.