¿What is the Low-Cost Gateway?

Basically, this equipment is designed as a bridge between low energy
Bluetooth sensors with the cloud. The included LEB system is type 5.0 with
outdoor operating distances of more than 100m.Upon request, the customer can use the following communication
systems: GPRS (2G), NB-IoT, 3G, 4G and LTE CAT-M (4G) to transmit the
data from the Bluetooth sensors to the Cloud.
Internally it includes a Nano-SIM socket that allows the use of a single
cellular mobile operator.

Materials and Dimensions

Polyurethane enclosure with IP67 waterproof DC power source external
Less than 250g in weight.
Case dimensions: 92mm in diameter by 42mm in height.


Easy installation with two screws.

Battery and device charging

The device has a replaceable lithium battery, type D, of 14.5 Amps and 3V.


ARM Cortex M4, 32b, 64 MHz, real time clock (RTC) includes 32,768 KHz.
ultra-low consumption crystal (14μA/h at 32.768 KHz).
Very low energy consumption: 52μA/Mhz.


256KB RAM, 1MB of FLASH.


Smart cities.
Internet of things allowing Bluetooth low energy devices to interact with
the cloud.
Remote monitoring.
Security systems.
Independent monitoring system.
Asset tracking.
Indoor location.
Independent remote control and monitoring system for small vehicles.
Vehicle detection for smart parking.
Presence and motion detection.
Many other applications.


Sigfox, NFC and RFID.
Communication systems that are added to the described communication


Optionally, the gateway can be equipped with a GNSS receiver with
internal antenna that allows the device to function as a tracker with the
GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEYDOU satellite systems. This system
includes an internal Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and filter to increase
location sensitivity.


Additional memory options.
The device comes standard with a 1MB Flash memory.
2Mb = 330KB non-volatile EEPROM memory can be added with 10 years
data retention.
Additional sensors:
• Ultra-low consumption 3-axis accelerometer.
• Humidity and ambient temperature sensor.
• Altimeter sensor.
• Corrosion proof sealed pressure sensor for various applications
including liquid level measurement.
• Precision non-contact infrared temperature sensor with presence
and motion detection at 3 meters.


Optional Programmable Ports
Several extra programmable ports available on a 20 micro-connector for
other applications.

Two electronic relays that can activate any remote device (home
automation). All GWs have an I2C connector port and several other ports
that can be defined as serial ports or simple I / Os where an additional
board (PCB) can be placed to control hundreds of remote relays, activation
of analog to digital or digital detector motors to analog. For example,
turning on and off cooling systems, lighting, presence sensors of any kind,
escalators, irrigation and other actuators.